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Past Litter Testimonials!

2022 - Trudi!.JPG

"These pups are the best. They come from great lines and are so obviously 'quality'. We couldn't be happier with our little one. She's so smart and is adapting so well to the household and her other 2 doggie siblings. She is giving us so much joy. Trudi (Orange-girl) from Thunder Ridge - 2022 -  says hello to y'all!"

Marty & Pam Hoffman - Reardan, WA


Maryann 1.JPG
Maryann 2.JPG

"These two shepherds are a blessing. They are 2021's puppies from Thunder Ridge Shepherds, and they are now a year old. Minna, my female is very peaceful and well mannered. She is so easy to train. Finn, on the other hand, is pure boy, loving life to the fullest and hilarious. Minna's quiet demeanor helps with Finn's exuberance.


I started training them right away. They are extremely intelligent and learn fast. They both love people and are very sociable. As they are maturing, I can see a certain degree of protectiveness emerging, but they tune into me to determine what is appropriate. They are respectful of guests in my home and well mannered. It seems like it was effortless to teach them to be this way.


Of course with puppies, they will do what puppies do, but these two learned fast, played hard and made my life so much better. They are a constant joy and never cease to amaze me. Thank you Thunder Ridge Shepherds for these two precious gifts.

MH - Blanchard, ID

2021 & 2022

(Note - MH actually got a THIRD German Shepherd Puppy from us in 2022! Thank you MH!)

2022 - MH's Three!.JPEG
2022 - Cheriee's Pups!.JPG

When I started my search for a reputable GSD breeder, I quickly found that there were several to choose from. I found Thunder Ridge German Shepherds online and in the paper and knew that it wasn't a scam site like the original one that I had found. When we made an Appointment to see the puppies, we were greeted by Melissa Kaye and Bob, very kind and genuine people.


I went with the intention of getting one puppy, and after seeing them and interacting with them, my boyfriend decided he needed one too. We left with 2 of the healthiest, most amazing puppies who we love so much. They were all so amazing it was hard to choose. They are the best breeders with the most knowledge. If you have any questions or concerns, they have the answer. 10/10 I would recommend to anyone looking for a quality German Shepherd.

Also, I took the advice on the Training Classes and both of our puppies were amazing and easy to train.


Cheriee Nagel - Spokane, WA


2021 - Jade 2.jpg

Jade is definitely my dog. She follows me everywhere inside, and (usually) stays nearby outside. However, occasionally outside she'll think she is a fireball and likes to race and criss-cross the woods. Her specialty? Finding a log (5-10 or more lbs), and carrying it wherever we hike. Jade is a great tracker. She tracks deer trails, and scents in parks. I'm hoping to get her into a Nosework Class in June. Currently she is in an Advanced Obedience Class and Agility - and does very well in both. Although she is always happy to return home! She is easy to train with affection and special food-treats. Although at 90 lbs, she can sometimes (still) be a lot to handle! 

I never knew I could love a dog so much - she is my daily happiness. I am blessed and fortunate that you have entrusted me with an outstanding and precious puppy whom I love so dearly.

Thank you!

Jenny Sontag - Spokane, WA


2021 - Daisy.jpg

"I am so glad I found Thunder Ridge Shepherds and thankful to have adopted one of the puppies from Thunder and Queen Sheba (Sasha).  Our Daisy has been such a good addition to our family and she is loving life as much as we love her.  This was my first German Shephard and the breeders took the time to introduce me to the parents, puppies and gave me valuable advice.  I was so impressed by their love and knowledge of the breed and their commitment to find good homes for all of their puppies we told a couple of friends about Thunder Ridge and they also adopted puppies from them." 

Cindy & Sean Clark - Creston, WA


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