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Thunder Ridge Veteran/PTSD
Puppy Donation Page

Thunder Ridge Shepherds'

main reason for breeding

one to two specialty litters

per year

is to do our best to match up

as many Veterans

with High Quality

German Shepherds

as possible.

Especially those Veterans who suffer from PTSD

or are disabled.


In Light of Our Mission -

for five years running

we have given away the

First & Best Pup

out of every Litter to a Veteran -

or to a Veteran Organization

that will train the Pup to fit

just the right Veteran

that they choose.

In addition to our 'Donation Program,' as a Veteran owned business, Thunder Ridge encourages all Veterans to take advantage of our 20% Discount for Past & Present Service-Men & Women. All of our Veterans feel that 'the unconditional love they receive from their Shepherd' - saves them.

In addition to Veterans - we encourage all people who are 'Self-Protection-Oriented' to add a Thunder Ridge German Shepherd Puppy to their plans - and train it up right - to protect your land, your home, and most importantly -

your family and yourself.


Our dogs do all of this and more, 

and will enrich every aspect of life,

whether you are preparing for the future,

dealing with the past,

or both.

Please notify us by email below

If you would like more information about our

Donation Program for Vets.

Thank You!

Thunder Ridge

*Please see pics below of Donation Pups 2019-2023!*

2023 - White Mountain Rebel_edited_edited.jpg

Spokane, WA 

2022 - Vet Pups - Jan and George.JPG

"Sierra & Olivia"
(Husband & Wife Vets)
Elk, WA 

Lyle - TRVet Program Litter #3 - 2021.JPG

Sandpoint, ID 2021

2021 - Vet Marshall.JPG

"Sweet-Pumpkin Pie"
Newport, WA

22 - Kitchen Pups at The Shue's.JPG

"Gracey & Lucy"
Plummer, ID
2020 & 2022

Our Beloved Duke 2019.JPG

Orofino, ID

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