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Mountain Landscape
Mountain Landscape

SHILOH & CHEYENNE of Thunder Ridge Shepherds
AKC Purebred (Papered) GSD Litter DN#774287

Whelped 10-20-2023
And the last ones from this Litter just went to their Forever-Homes on 02/04/2024!

This was the most amazing Litter yet
Three of these puppies were beautiful black-and-tan colored.

With one Isabelline female - the rarest GSD color - blonde with a silver snout!
And two Bi-colors - second rarest GSD color!!

All six pups were minky-soft medium-hair, and were adorable, loving, and snuggly beyond belief!

20% Veteran Discount!

10% Service Professional Discount!

And as always, we offered a 'Protection Dog(s) Special' of buy 1 puppy, get a 2nd puppy 1/2-price!
Mr Forest-Green
(Now Forrest :)
Home! 02/04/2024
L#8 - Forest-Green - 3_edited.jpg
Miss Purple-Princess
(Now Nova :)
Home! 02/02/2024
L#8 - Purple-Princess - 3_edited.png
Mr Admiral-Blue
(Now Colt :)
Home! 02-04-2024
L#8 - Admiral-Blue - 3.JPG
Mr Tank-Gray
(Now Dutch :)
Home! 01-10-2024
L#8 - Tank-Gray - 3.JPG
Miss Orange-Creamsicle
(Now Kaya :)
Home! 01-22-2024
L#8 - Creamsicle-Orange - 3.JPG
Miss Destin-Blue
(Now Willee :)
Home! 12-20-2023
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