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Perfect Protection Dogs

German Shepherd Puppies


Thunder Ridge German Shepherd Puppies are the Finest in the Northwest. 


See below for puppy-owners'

testimonials from our previous litters!

*Yearly Birth Announcement*

This year we had two Spring Litters.

Born January 6th & 7th, 2022.

And now here at the end of May,

all the Pups (for this year)

have gone to their

Forever Homes!

Some with Veterans, some with families,

and some with close friends of ours...

But ALL with Great People!

From our two sets of incredible parents

(all on site)

This year we had a total of 15 pups!


Thunder Ridge Pups are as loving, adorable, trainable, and well socialized as any you've ever dreamed of having.


Make an Online Inquiry today!

And we'll put your name on

'The List to Call & Inform You'

when we do this again next year!!


And then you can come out & look,

and take one (or two!) home

to love & protect your family!


Thunder Ridge is born out of a life-long love for German Shepherd Dogs.

In fact, in our North Idaho paradise,

we have eight of them as our own!

We raised almost all of them from birth, and they are family to our family.


As well as having so many for ourselves - we feel called to be able to

Bless others as we've been Blessed.

 Particularly Veterans.

As we are Veteran owned.

In addition to Veterans,

we also offer our 20% Discount to other Service Minded Professionals - Fire/EMS/Medical Workers.

As I am a Retired RN/Paramedic/FF.

And my husband a Career FF/EMT.


We'd love to have you write in online -

and get on 'Our Call List' to

'Come Meet the Parents next year,'

If by then you'll be ready to

Schedule an Appt,

and come pick out a Puppy!


Thunder Ridge Shepherds has been collecting our breeding dogs since 2013, and mating them yearly since 2019. And now Spring 2022 has brought us two more Litters of the most amazing

German Shepherd Puppies.


We've asked permission

from those who've purchased pups from Past Litters 

to allow us us post a current photo of their puppy-loved-one(s). We also asked if they would share a few words about their 'Thunder Ridge Experience.'

See Testimonials Below!

(Newspaper Ad - NW Publishing - Spring 2022)

AKC Purebred German Shepherd Puppies

Now searching for their forever homes!

Highly Pedigreed. Czech Police Dog & West German Show Lines.

Parents on site.

Family Raised. Health Guaranteed.

Intelligent. Beautiful. Loving. Loyal.

Veteran owned.

20% Discount for Veterans,

Fire/EMS/Medical Workers, and Police.

Ask about Our Family Protection Dog Special!


Thunder Ridge Shepherds

Spirit Lake, ID  83869



Thank you for visiting our new website!


Active-Duty US Military
US Military Veterans
Doctors / Nurses / EMT's
Forest Rangers
Boeing Engineers
School Teachers
US Postal Workers
Lots of Great People
With Lots of Great Families!



"These pups are the best. They come from great lines and are so obviously 'quality'. We couldn't be happier with our little one. She's so smart and is adapting so well to the household and her other 2 doggie siblings. She is giving us so much joy. Trudi (Orange-girl from Thunder Ridge - 2022) says hello to y'all!"

Marty & Pam Hoffman - Reardan, WA

"These two shepherds are a blessing. They are 2021's puppies from Thunder Ridge Shepherds, and they are now a year old. Minna, my female is very peaceful and well mannered. She is so easy to train. Finn, on the other hand, is pure boy, loving life to the fullest and hilarious. Minna's quiet demeanor helps with Finn's exuberance.


I started training them right away. They are extremely intelligent and learn fast. They both love people and are very sociable. As they are maturing, I can see a certain degree of protectiveness emerging, but they tune into me to determine what is appropriate. They are respectful of guests in my home and well mannered. It seems like it was effortless to teach them to be this way.


Of course with puppies, they will do what puppies do, but these two learned fast, played hard and made my life so much better. They are a constant joy and never cease to amaze me. Thank you Thunder Ridge Shepherds for these two precious gifts.

MH - Blanchard, ID

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